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You’d never see this side of Mexico in the media

The images pieced together in the news — of corruption, poverty, violence and crime — are grim, but they don’t capture the full, textured reality of life in Mexico. As there are approximately 33.7 million Mexican-Americans living in the United States today, it is worth thinking more about what the country looks like beyond the headlines. 

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His character development was actually one of my favorites even though he only had about 5 minutes of total screen time. For the longest time I thought he was an ass that didn’t really care about her or the baby, and then you see that it’s not true at all.

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What is this from??


Brazil v Germany

Kristen Stewart at Paris Fashion Week | July 8, 2014

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suarez bites chiellini and gets a 4 month ban.

zuñiga breaks neymar’s vertebra and gets nothing.

way to go, fifa. way to go.